Ep.288: Psalm 145: All Praise to the God of All.

Hello, I’m Daniel Westfall on the channel “Pray with Me”.

The Book of Psalms turns a remarkable corner at Psalm 145. Here, the poet looks away from his troubles and turns his full attention on God. In this psalm and the remaining five, the poet does not mention his enemies, nor his fear of falling into the pit, nor his struggle to believe. He is not despairing or desperate. 

Instead of cajoling God to keep his promises, he pivots to a theme of praise, focusing on God’s faithfulness and glory. 

The poet’s favorite word in Psalm 145 is “all”. Listen to all the ways he uses it: 

  The Lord is good to all
    he has compassion on all he has made.
  All your works praise you, Lord (vv. 9-10a).
     Your dominion endures through all generations (v. 13b). 
  The Lord is trustworthy in all he promises
      faithful in all he does.
  The Lord upholds all who fall
      and lifts up all who are bowed down (vv. 13b-14).

  The Lord watches over all who love him,
      but all the wicked he will destroy (v. 20). 

Let’s pray. 

Our father, you have compassion on all you made. Look on us with compassion, as we work for you and others; as we age; as we live with sins we are unable to conquer. Look on the earth with compassion, as it adjusts to a changing climate, convulsed by typhoons and floods, earthquakes and fires. Look on the nations with compassion as democracies decay and dictators rule harshly. 

With the poet, we say, “All your works praise you, O God” (v. 9). The sun rises and sets on bright winter snow, the moon softens the night with a gentle light. Mountains tell of your greatness and plains speak of your goodness. 

With the poet, we believe:
  You are trustworthy in all you promise,
      faithful in all you do” (v. 13b).
You chart your way through history. You do not make promises in election years and discard them when you govern. You do not study opinion polls and hire spin doctors. You are God of power, light, and love. Your rule is often hidden, your kingdom a mystery. Yet you call us into relationship, and draw us into the ocean of your love.   

As the poet of this psalm says, 
   You uphold all who fall
    you lift up all who are bowed down
  The eyes of all look to you (vv. 14-15a).
We are part of that “all”. We look up to you from our routines, from our pandemic world, from the politics of church and state. Above it all we see your throne, in the news we hear rumors of your righteousness, in disasters a hint of your goodness.

    You are near to all who call on you,
      to all who call on you in truth.
    You fulfill the desires of those who fear you;
      you hear their cry and save them (vv. 18-19). 
We call on you Lord, with such truth as we know. Fulfill our desire to know you. Help us make the world an outpost of your kingdom. Make our lives rich in the imitation of you and your goodness. May our mouths ever speak your praise (v. 21a). 


I’m Daniel on the channel “Pray with Me”. 

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