Ep.000: Trailer for Pray with Me.

Hi, I’m Daniel Westfall on the channel “Pray with Me”. 

I’m glad you’re interested in Prayer. God has been waiting to hear from you. Because that’s what prayer is — a conversation with God.  

But prayer isn’t just a conversation. For most of us, it’s also a big problem. Why so? Because how are we supposed to talk to God when he’s not talking to us? And what if you’ve asked God for stuff, but he doesn’t come through with it?  Is that the end of prayer? Time to give up? 

I say, “No! Don’t stop!” Instead, come with me on a journey into prayer. If you already have a great prayer life, I probably won’t be much help. But if your prayers aren’t so great, and if you think a fellow traveller might be helpful, come along for the ride!  The first three episodes are about the problem Jesus created for people who pray, the problem Abraham created, and the problem Luther’s barber created. 

It’s a great journey!

I’m Daniel on the channel “Pray with Me”. 

Links to the three episodes mentioned:

Link to YouTube Channel “Pray with Me”

Link to playlist “Best of Pray with Me”

Summary of Content, Episodes 1 – 240

   Introduction to “Pray with Me”   Episodes 1-3

   Praying the Lord’s Prayer      Episodes 4-18, usually every 2nd episode

   Praying through Psalms
                      Psalms 1-80         Episodes 19-118.
Odd numbered episodes.
                      Psalms 90-113              Episodes 118-242. Some odd, some even.
                     Psalms 114-150         In progress, as of May 2021. 

   Comments and Prayers on Scripture    

                     O.T. Stories        Episodes 2-72.       Usually every 2nd episode.
                    Stories of Jesus         Episodes 74-180.   Usually every 2nd episode.
                     N.T. Epistles         Episodes 182-242. Usually every 2nd episode.

  Book Reviews.