Ep.157: Psalm 69: The Song of Drunkards.

Hello. I’m Daniel Westfall on the channel “Pray with Me”. 

Psalm 69 opens with a disturbing picture of a drowning man. The writer says,
    The water is up to my neck,
    My feet are sinking in the muddy bottom,
    The flood is going over my head (vv. 1-3).

The poet tells God that this situation, caused by his enemies, is dangerous and that it might become embarrassing both to God and to his people. The writer says,
      Lord, the Lord Almighty,
            may those who hope in you
            not be embarrassed because of me.
      God of Israel,
            may those who seek you
            not be put to shame because of me (vv. 6-7).

The poet describes his vulnerability saying, 
      Those who sit at the gate mock me,
            and I am the song of the drunkards (v. 12). 

Surely, says the poet, if I drown in the scorn, shame, insults, and mocking of my enemies, it will look as if you, God, are powerless to save me. It will look like trust in God is ill-founded. It will look like only dreamers hope for your salvation. Surely you can do better than that, God. Surely you are offended that the idle mock me and drunkards sing about me!

God, he says, you must intervene. You have promised to protect my reputation and my life. You also need to think about your reputation, God. You’re famous for loving your people and keeping your promises to save and deliver. Don’t let that slip.

Let’s pray. 

Our father, the flood water is up to our neck. Our feet sink into the muddy bottom. We are drowning.

…We see America descend into chaos with police brutality, race riots, curfews, and conspiracy theories. 

…We see the world shifting as it is pummeled with pandemic and social distancing, with churches closed and businesses failing, and the future all unknown. 

…We see forces of evil promote radical politics, alienation, violent protests, and violent responses. 

O Lord, your heart in this is not for law and order, but for justice. Your way of doing things is not to stop the pain of the world, but to redeem it through a Saviour you left helpless on a cross. We join with him in his protest against pain and injustice, as we hear his voice in Psalm 69:
    I endure scorn for your sake,
          and shame covers my face.
    I am a foreigner to my own family,
          a stranger to my mother’s children;
    Zeal for your house consumes me,
          and insults directed at you fall on me (vv. 7-9).
    Those who sit at the gate mock me,
          and I am the song of drunkards (v. 12). 

Where can we go for help and healing? Because:
        Scorn has broken our heart
            and left us helpless.
        We looked for sympathy but there was none,
            for comforters, but we found no one (v. 20).
        They put gall in our food
            and gave us vinegar to drink (v. 21).  

O Lord,
    Rescue us from the mire,
        do not let us sink.
    Deliver us from those who hate us. . . (v. 14).
    Do not let the floodwaters engulf us,
        or the depths swallow us up,
        or the pit close its mouth over us (v. 15). 

Then we will praise your name in song, and glorify you with thanksgiving (v. 30).
      The poor will see and be glad —
          those who seek you will live! (v. 32). 

O God, make a place for us, where
      . . . those who love your name will dwell in safety (v. 36). 


I’m Daniel on the channel “Pray with Me”.